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BDSM inspired burlesque. This is Allura's signature act which she has been performing since 2010. It has been performed at the 2015 Show Me Burlesque and Vaudeville Festival, 2017 Kansas City Burlesque Festival, 2017 Smoky Mountain Burlesque Festival, 2018 Ohio Burlesque Festival, 2019 Nashville Burlesque Festival, 2022 Bagel Burlesque Expo in Montreal, QC and the 2023 Mile HIGH Burlesque Fest. This act won the Bronze medal for "Best Overall" at the Missouri Regional 2018 BurlyPicks.

Light My Fire

An upbeat burlesque act with silk veil fans. Performed at the 2017 Kansas City Burlesque Festival.


"Aviary" is a burlesque/ belly dance fusion piece set to music by the darkwave-industrial band Ego Likeness. This act began as a self portrait under the tutelage of internationally renowned 'Nouveau Noir' belly dance artist Tempest. The song itself is how Allura feels about being a performer, and the dance is an expression of her journey. 

This act has been performed at the 2018 Show Me Burlesque and Vaudeville Festival and the 2018 Smoky Mountain Burlesque Festival.

Beautiful People

In full gothic splendor, "Beautiful People" has been performed at 10th Annual Shimmy Showdown, Naughti Gras 13, and Creepshow Peepshow Festival 2022 (as "Beautiful Sin"). Please note: this act has since been revamped with different music for the second half, no longer including the MM version of Beautiful People.


"Temptress" is a sultry slow burn burlesque act to the beloved Portishead song "Glory Box." 

Toxic for Kitty

A made-for-virtual version of the stage act, this satire of cats' love of plants (and other things) they absolutely shouldn't eat is sure to resonate with anyone who has spent time with a feline companion. This act was included in the online shows "Feline Good", "Cyber Distancing 8", and the Metro Trans Umbrella Group annual Telethon in 2020 & 2021.

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